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Enhance your garments with Personalised Embroidery & Printing

Make certain that your employees show Brand Awareness wherever the job takes them. Not only does it advertise for your business but it also gains the customers trust by showing them who you work for. It also gives your company a Professional Image so that every client knows that you mean business. As well as B2B we also provide printed clothing for Promtions and Events, with no minimum order. We can embroider team and club uniforms as well as school uniforms. Everybody needs personalisation!

Embroidery Personalised Uniform

All of our embroidery is completed in house on our Amaya single head machine. We have a huge amount of different coloured threads to pick from when it comes to embroidering your logo onto your uniforms. We will usually match the colours to the closest thread we have although customers are free to pick the colour they wish to have from our swatch. There are a few limitations when having an embroidered logo. Gradients cannot be achieved understandly, this usually means that the logo will need to be modified to solid colours. Small text can also sometimes be a problem when it comes to embroidered uniforms. This means that the font size may need to be increased on your logo. If you would like to see some of our work, then feel free to check out our Portfolio. We find that embroidery is perfect for personalised workwear, polo shirts, team wear, and uniforms.


Personalised Printed Tshirts

Print is also a great option when it comes to personalising your workwear or uniforms. At Branditright, we can print up to 5 solid colours. Graphics and text are cut from a range of different coloured vinyls which are then weeded, cut and heat pressed onto your garment by our experts. Full colour prints are also an option however please note that this kind of print is only suitable for short term use due to fading. This ideal for promotional give aways or marathon runs for instance. Not all garments can be printed onto due to the heat that is necessary to ensure that the graphics adhere to the garment. It is therefore advisable to check with us being ordering. This is usually the case with coats and jackets, fleeces and nylon products. We find that printing is ideal for promotional clothing, printed t shirts, hen parties, stag do's, personalised tshirts and more!

We find that the choice that you ultimately make when it comes to personalised uniforms or workwear, entirely depends on your preference. Simply put, some people just prefer embroidery over print and vice versa. If you wish to have advice and help in which choice you should make for your needs then please Contact us.

Personalised workwear and uniforms are charged per application. This means that if you decide to have a left chest embroidered logo but also another logo on the right chest, this will include two charges (Per position). If you are paying for a printed or embroidered logo for the first time then there will also be a one time set-up charge to get the artwork ready in the correct format on our machinery. If you have ordered from us before and will need the same artwork please make sure you select this when personalising your garments. We do not have a minimum order for our personalised clothing, even if you need one t shirt for a birthday, we can do it!

Personalised t shirts

What will my design look like on our personalised uniforms?

Depending on your logo, we may need to make alterations to ensure that this is suitable for print. We will ALWAYS send a proof to you via email which will need to be approved before any decoration can happen to your garments. Please ensure you check your inbox often once ordered including your junk mail.

Common alterations are below:

Full colour logos - At Branditright Workwear, we do not print in full colour, we print up to 3 colours which will need to be solid colours. Your artwork will be altered to show this when we send you a proof. Embroidery can be in full colour but it cannot represent gradients (one colour gradually fading to another colour) as this is impossible to show in thread. If you have lots of colours in your design, embroidery is probably the best option for you.

Logo is too detailed - Most logos that we deal with are fine for print and embroidery however if your logo is particularly detailed then this can sometimes be impossible to achieve in print or embroidery. We may need to simplify the look of the logo slightly so it includes less detail.

Small text - Sometimes text can be too small for embroidery or print. This means that the machinery cannot simply cut details that small or that the embroidered letters will just end up looking like anything but what is written down. This is why we take measures to make this bigger for you so that the best possible result is achieved.

Please remember, we will never embroider or print your workwear or uniforms until we have approval from you on the design that is sent across. Once approved, no further alterations may be made so please check carefully before approving any design.